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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Mom's Ultimate Checklist of what to take to the Disney Parks!

OK Guys - here we go - HELP ME make the Ultimate list of What to take with you to the Disney Park for the Day!!!  I will continue to add to this list - please comment with your suggestions and ideas too!!

1- Comfy & compact bookbag to carry your supplies in!
2- smartphone with AWESOME apps showing Disney World wait times!!
3- camera
4- ponchos (& gallon zip-lock bag to stash them once wet)
5- water bottle
6- hand sanitizer!
7- travel sized sunscreen
8- pain relievers and antacids (Just trust me)! 
9- band-aids
10- sunglasses (it's sunny in FL!)
11- extra memory cards/batteries for camera!
12- snacks
13- trinkets to keep little ones busy while waiting in lines