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Friday, July 12, 2013

This Mom Would REALLY Miss Seeing Lights! Motors! Action!... if it goes away...

So, I recently read a rumor floating around the Disney World community that Lights! Motors! Action! might be on it's way out in order to make room for a new attraction at Hollywood Studios.  Let me tell you right now that this show is a top favorite for my family to see every time we vacation at Disney!  It is one for the whole family!

Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show, located at the end of the Streets of America, is a copy of the attraction that originated at Disneyland Paris. Guests are introduced to the director and the director's staff and told that they'll be filming scenes for a film about a spy who is trying to make his getaway and now they'll be filming the stunts that need to be performed. The stunts are executed and then explained in-depth how they were achieved.
The action takes place in a "Southern France" setting and as the stunts get more extreme, they add more variety to the set. A large monitor in the middle of the set keeps guests entertained before the show and explains the stunts during the show.   Stunts include automobiles, motorcycles and jetskis.  The black cars are the "chase cars" while the red car is the "hero" car. The designations are there to make it easier for the audience to follow along. (As described by

The rumor is that Disney will soon reclaim this space to make room for some great new attraction... possibly Star Wars land or Cars land.  We are not too big into the whole Star Wars thing, so I guess I would personally prefer a Cars Land...  Although it is unclear just how real these plans are at this time... but I sure do hope to get to take my family back to see Lights! Motors! Action! one more time in the spring!!

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