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Friday, September 6, 2013

This Mom Loves Disney Shows!!! Top 3!

We LOVE to go to all the Disney Shows, but there are some that just stand out above the rest as our Favorites!!! #1- Finding Nemo the Musical (live performance show in Animal Kingdom) The quality of this show is top notch - Disney all the way! All of the props are poeple with ELABORATE costumes and the singers (who have amazing talent) are all singing WHILE they operate giant fish puppets to truly make the story come alive in a way that only Disney could pull off!

#2- Lights! Motors! Action! (Live stunt show in Hollywood Studios) Ok - If you don't like the singing stuff, then this show is for you! This is a awesome driving/action stunt show - featuring fast car stunts, motorcycles, and jet skis. It totally keeps your attention and is lots of fun to see time after time!

#3- Mickey's Philharmagic 3D Show (3D or really a 4D show in Magic Kingdom) If you are a lover of Classic Disney movies - you will LOVE this show!! Donald Duck tries on Mickey's magic Sorcerer's Hat which takes him on a whirlwind journey through major Disney Movies like Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid! Not only do you feel like you are experiencing these movies first hand because of the 3D wrap around theater, but puffs of air from the back of the seats in front of you and smells take you further into the magic of the experience!

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