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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why This Mom Thinks Disney Princesses are the Best!

Meeting ANY Disney character is exciting, but there is something totally enchanting about meeting the "Face" Characters, like the Princesses, who speak to you and ask you questions and interact with you and your children. They have been trained to fit their part very well and always stay in character! Every time we have had the opportunity to meet with them, either out in the parks for a meet & greet or during lunch at the Castle, the Disney Princesses have always taken their time with us and it has made such an impression! This is a video of when my children were about to have their picture taken with Belle at Epcot last year. She didn't just rush them into position and pose for the camera, even though there were others waiting to have their picture made... She took the time to learn their names and get to know them a little. She really made them feel special. As we walked away, they could not stop smiling, they were so excited!

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